Harley quinn purse

Okay so i really need to talk about how amazing my new purse is. I have had it for a little while now and have neglected to post about it until now. It is a HARLEY QUINN purse It is just so damn beautiful and i am so proud too own this.It is made by […]

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The Liquid Lipstick Conundrum

Liquid Lipsticks… We have either all heard about them or we own them, either way they’re becoming more and more known and heard about. But aren’t we all massively influenced by what we see on social media through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc but all the posts on the brands own pages are gonna be pretty […]

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Only For Unicorns

So very recently I became the proud owner of one of the best eyeshadow palettes EVER! It’s the Only For Unicorns palette from VE Cosmetics! Now to start with it’s absolutely massive! It is so much bigger than I thought it would be and especially for £18! That’s just bonkers! You get two layers of […]

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It’s gonna be a blue moon

So a little while a go I was lucky enough to got to play with some hair and head pieces from the fabulous Klaire of bluemoonbaby.co.uk Ive never seen anything quite like these , they are superb! There’s something on her site for everyone and every occasion! Pin up flowers, flower crowns, hearts, cherries! Not […]

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I finally got to do makeup!

So I was finally given the opportunity to do hair and make-up on a photo-shoot. And though it was mostly the make-up and direction for the model as this is still a fairly new thing for her. I was really excited. Now it really helped me in that the model has fabulous natural skin and […]

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Lashes Lashes Everywhere…

So I do apologise I realised I haven’t posted in 5 months and I really can’t understand how , but I’ve been really busy and upset with work. HOWEVER, here I am and I’m here too post about something I’m growing more and more obsessed with. False Eyelashes. I have fairly long lashes as it […]

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